About Us

At Revitalise Dental we provide an array of technical dental services including dentures, orthodontic appliances, crown and bridge, mouthguards, implants, precision milling and thermoforming. Whilst our laboratory is based in Dunedin, we operate nationally across New Zealand. Everyday we are inspired by the opportunity to change lives and deliver results dentists and patients never thought possible. Although digitally geared we remain dedicated to the uncompromising quality, art and precision that can only be delivered by human hands - the hands of our team.

As a patient of Revitalise Dental we have a different philosophy to most other dental laboratories. Revitalise Dental are not about mass producing dental prostheses for clients we don’t know on a personal level. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clientele. We believe in close personal and open relationships as this is the only way to achieve advanced aesthetic and functional solutions. Discussion and planning of complex and even simple cases is the only guaranteed way to plan to succeed. 

As a professional working with us for your patients, whether you are at the beginning of your career, building your practice, or are at the peak of your profession, Revitalise Dental is here to help you achieve your finest work. We work closely with you, building a personalised and lasting relationship to ensure the best results for every patient, every time. We approach each case like a commissioned piece of art; fully customised and complete only when it makes you, and your patient, smile.