• Patient Journey

    When it comes to our patients our philosophy is; a smile says a thousand words in any language! From the moment you come into our clinic, our focus is solely to make you smile with confidence. We want to hear your story, what makes it difficult for you to smile, how does this affect your life and what would bring that smile back. We will listen to you and try to work out how to achieve your goals. 

    Revitalise Dental offer so many options that we are not here to make a sales pitch but help achieve that smile. We are not in a rush so encourage you to take your time to make the right decisions where necessary. We only use the best quality materials so we can stand by our workmanship. We will always go the extra mile to get that smile.

  • Full Dentures

    When it comes to making dentures, we have many options available. We make very basic dentures that have quality teeth and quality acrylic. We also have an option of a premium denture which has the very best quality teeth, highest quality acrylic and the gums are stained and tinted to look natural and the teeth are characterised with stains and cracks to give them a very natural appearance. Then we have options in between. Essentially we make what ever our patient or client wants. 

  • Partial Dentures

    We also make partial dentures for patient that are missing 1 or more teeth, and patient can have the option of acrylic partial denture or metal partial denture. We also do Valplast (flexible partial denture) for patient that are allergic to monomer or metal. Call us or make an appointment with one of our clinicians, they will be happy to provide you more details on different options. When it comes to metal frameworks for partial dentures, we make our own metal frames. Design of Chrome Cobalt frameworks is one our specialities. 

  • Repairs, Additions & Relines

    Repairs - We offer a same day service for any repairs to broken dentures.

    Additions - Sometimes a natural tooth is lost either through natural causes or through extraction. If this happens we can add a tooth to your existing partial denture and usually it is done in the same day. Some additions are a little more complex and require an extra day or two.

    Relines - Over time the upper and lower jaw bones shrink and the dentures become loose. We can make the dentures fit tightly again by doing a reline. The reline provides a new layer under the denture to make up for the lost bone. We know that you cannot go too long without your dentures so we make sure that we get it done the same day.

  • Mouthguards

    All Mouthguards are not the same.

    Pro-Sport mouthguards are professionally made custom mouthguards. They are made right here in Dunedin by New Zealand registered dental technicians. We are the  only technicians in Dunedin trained in sports trauma prevention. They fit  tightly and comfortably. Pro-Sport make sport specific mouthguards for many different sports.

    • Rugby
    • Field Hockey
    • Ice Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Water Polo
    • Squash
    • Roller Derby
    • Boxing
    • Martial Arts

    With a Pro-Sport mouthguard you can breathe properly and speak without taking the mouthguard out. Research shows that a custom made mouthguard improves performance,