• Crown & Bridge

    We offer a full crown and Bridge service including cadcam. We can accept intraoral scans to design and manufacture crowns. We make pfm crowns, pressed and milled eMax, Zirconia and gold crowns.

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  • Implantology

    We provide a full implant service. Single implant crowns, bridges, full arch and implant supported overdentures. We have experience with all implant systems and are an affiliated Laboratory to Osteon Medical and Atlantis. We are a certified Neoss partner laboratory providing support to any users of the Neoss implant system. Revitalise Dental are also proud to be the only certified 360 Creator Laboratory in Australasia for the renouned 360Imaging Implant planning system.

    We help surgeons and dentists plan their implant cases and produce surgical guides for the planned cases therefore playing an important role in the predictable outcome of the surgery. Being certified by 360Imaging means we have the ability to provide the extensive services of 360Imaging to our clients.

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    We house the latest in-Lab system with the amazing new inEos X5 scanner and design software. We offer a full CADCAM service as well as a link to all the major milling centers around the world for special cases.  We have a close relationship with Osteon Medical who mill all our overdenture bar cases.

  • 3D Printing

    All our 3D printing is done in-house with our FormLab printer. We are constantly looking at new materials on the market to increase our options in our service.

  • Dentures – Full & Partial

    Full Dentures - We can make a full denture have any aesthetic result the patients wishes. Whether it is one with perfect straight and white teeth or one where the teeth are mal-aligned, stained and cracked with the tinting of the gingiva to create a natural appearance. Nothing is impossible!

    Partial Dentures - We offer all kinds of partial dentures from normal acrylic partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, Chrome cobalt partial dentures and a combination of Chrome and acrylic. We can match the adjacent teeth in terms of colour and characterisation so that the partial denture blends in naturally.

  • Precision Milling

    We still provide a precision milling service despite it becoming less popular.  Our precision milling service extends from customising abutments, telescopic crowns or combination work involving milled crowns, extra-coronal attachments and precision fitting Chrome partial frameworks.

  • Thermoforming

    Thermoformed products are still progressing providing options for nightguards, bleaching trays, splints and mouthguards. We provide a full service with many options.

    Our mouthguard service is extensive, supplying Pro-Sport mouthguards that provides the only sport specific mouthguard option.

  • Orthodontic Appliances

    We offer an Orthodontic service and provide appliances to several Orthodontic Specialists.